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Beyond Physics: Pharmacy Entrepreneurship and the Power of Action

Here's a concept we've all stumbled upon in our pharmacy school years: Newton's third law of motion. It states, "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." While this concept has been proven time and time again in the realm of physics, its application in the sphere of business is quite a different story.

law of physics

Equal and Opposite? Not in Business

In the world of entrepreneurship, it's not simply about equal reactions. There's an undeniable beauty in the potential for outcomes that can far outweigh the actions taken.

Imagine, for instance, attending a networking event. You might chat with just a handful of people. Still, these simple interactions can sprout into a myriad of opportunities, connections, and pathways to growth that extend far beyond that initial conversation. A single act can thus culminate in outcomes that touch all facets of your business, blossoming with a magnitude that might leave you in pleasant surprise.

seed being planted

Intention - The Seed of Growth

Running a business isn't always about causality; it's not always a straightforward transposition of cause and effect. Instead, think about it as sowing seeds. Every decision made, every action taken, is a tiny seed nursed with dedication, passion, and most importantly—intention.

We're not always aware of what kind of fruits our seeds will bear in the beginning. Still, we persistently tend to them, nurturing the sprouts and promoting a growth mindset. With time, patience, and a dash of persistence, these seeds transform into bountiful trees, creating immense value for ourselves, our customers, and our communities.

The Power Within Community of Pharmacy Entrepreneurship

Let's not ignore the dynamic, often unpredictable power of community in the world of entrepreneurship. When you connect with like-minded individuals, whether it's within a mastermind group, a workshop, or even at a conference, it changes the game. This community can centrifuge the whirlpool of possibilities, stretching far beyond the limits of a physics-inspired 'equal and opposite' reaction.

Build bridges of collaboration, foster supportive relationships, and let the nectar of growth permeate every corner of your business.

Let's Defy Physics Together!

Let's remember, running a business doesn't mean we're bound by traditional laws of cause and effect. We're not slipping and sliding on the icy surface of Newton's Cradle, watching the balls swing back and forth. We're nurturing a garden of opportunities, coaxing it into bloom with intention, dedication, and passion.

Together, we can create resounding waves of change that will shake the roots of outdated business traditions. Sharpen your shovels, gardening gloves at the ready - let's get planting!

Remember, as fellow health-conscious entrepreneurs, our journey is as much about the growth of our business as it is about our personal and community well-being.

So here's to nurturing our paths and celebrating the abundant fruits that grow from the seeds of our actions.

If you are ready to join me in defying physics? Here's how we can cultivate radical growth in entrepreneurship, together:

  • Recognize When It's Time to Pivot: The business landscape is dynamic, and so ought to be your approach.

  • Prioritize Self-care: Your physical and mental wellbeing is vital to the health of your business.

  • Embrace Community: Networking and knowledge-sharing are invaluable.

Don't just dream big—embark on the journey and take that first action. Start nurturing your idea today. Like a pebble creating ripples in a pond, every action you take can lead to unforeseen opportunities and success.

picture or Tamar Lawful Doctor of Pharmacy and CEO of LYFE Balance, Inc.
Tamar K. Lawful, PharmD CE & Founder of LYFE Balance, Inc.

To your success,


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