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I'm Dr. Lawful,  an Advanced Practice Pharmacist,  certified in pharmacogenomics, nutritional genomics and integrative nutrition health coaching.  I am the founder and CEO  of LYFE Balance, Inc., where we have health & wellness programs for women with metabolic disorders and serve as a business consultant for healthcare practitioners like you.


It's not easy building  and developing a patient-centered business. We can get so bogged down with the politics, marketing and administrative tasks that we lose sight of what really matters...our patients.

In the process we can also lose sight of our personal needs as well. We work hard and deserve to have a life too, right? 

In my coffee chats with other pharmacists, an underlying theme was that they did not have a protocol for their patients to follow. They were winging it!

there's no need to wing it!


I developed Raise The ScriptTM to provide a basic business training, understanding

Dr. Lawful; PharmD, APh, CNGS, Founer & CEO of LYFE Balance, Inc.

of genomics,  and the cherry on top....a ready-made, turn key protocol for pharmacy professionals. This protocol is  ready and able to be implemented in your practices to better improve patient outcomes.


Raise the ScriptTM is unique because pharmacists are trained in nutrition, genomics and health coaching, then learn how to put it all into practice to accentuate patient results.


As Pharmacists, we can take the health of our patients to higher levels when we Raise The Script on healthcare. To do this, we need to look at more than just drug interactions, reducing medications or medication therapy management.  We need to see our patients in their entirety!  


Raise The ScriptTM helps you do this with a tried and proven protocol that guides patients to change their lifestyle and make better nutrition decisions ultimately leading to better overall health outcomes.


Imagine playing a key role in reducing hospitalizations , reversing diabetes,  preventing co-morbidities and improving your patient's overall well-being and enjoyment of life?

Let's Raise The Script on healthcare together!

Dr. Tamar K. Lawful


My Story

Dr. Lawful; PharmD, APh, CNGS, Founer & CEO of LYFE Balance, Inc.

At the age of four years old, my family and I immigrated from Jamaica, W.I to the United States.. Raised in a Caribbean household, sunshine and freshly cooked meals were the norm and rarely did we get sick or use medicine unless it was from food. At 12 years old, I had my first experience with severe illness when visited my grandmother on her death-bed. On that day I vowed to myself that I would help people like my grandmother get better and enjoy a vibrant life. Although I had little exposure to medications in my childhood, it was my understanding that they could help people get better.  I learned that I could fulfil my vow by being a pharmacist and at the age of fifteen, I made the decision to pursue a career as a pharmacist.


After 15 years of being a pharmacist, I was perplexed with the current state of healthcare. I saw patients frequently returning to the hospital only to have more medications added on. They were not getting better nor were they enjoying life! I had to question whether or not what I was doing as a pharmacist was actually helping or hurting my patients. What if there was another way I could help while still using my skills as a pharmacist? What if I could not only help them get better, but also show them how to prevent developing chronic illness?

There was indeed another way that I could help…nutrition and genetics. I studied pharmacogenomics, nutritional genomics, and integrative nutrition, then merged them with my skillsets as a pharmacist to help women with type 2 diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and obesity take control of their health by focusing on nutrition and lifestyle changes.

I ALSO DEVELOPED A SIGNATURE PROTOCOL THAT I USE TO GUIDE THOSE I SERVE TO RECLAIM AND MAINTAIN THEIR RENEWED HEALTH. Those I have guided through my protocol have been able to finally start living a vibrant life and get off medications!

I share my SIGNATURE PROTOCOL with you in the Raise The Script Business program and walk you through how to implement it in your practice when you join the Raise The Script Accelerator.

Green Goodness-healthy foods
Green Goodness

Raise The Script

Raise The Script is a business training program that equips you with a tried, tested and comprehensive health & wellness protocol; as well as business skills designed to help you start your Nutrigenomic-based Health & Wellness Practice so you can improve patient outcomes and gain autonomy in your profession..

By means of On-Demand or a Group Coaching program, we help pharmacists  transform their passion for health and wellness into a lucrative career and  build their confidence to own their own practice.

Program Benefits

Learn A Holistic Approach and Optimize Patient Outcomes!


  • Ready-to-use health & wellness protocol *

  • On-Demand option

  • Brandable content*

(*Cohort Only)


  • You have the potential to either supplement or exceed your current income!


  • Nutrigenomics

  • Pharmacogenomics 

  • Nutrition to optimize health

  • Business skills needed to start your practice 

  • Marketing and sales

  • Effective health coaching techniques 


  • Be your own boss

  • Have time for family

  • Limit stress in your life

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