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Let's take healthcare to higher levels!
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Welcome to the future of healthcare!

Welcome to the future of healthcare, where patient-centric care takes center stage.


Our unique approach empowers pharmacists to utilize cutting-edge nutrigenomics to deliver truly tailored solutions for each individual and broaden career options for pharmacists.


By embracing the power of genetic insights and a holistic understanding of wellness, we ensure that our patients are not just another prescription number but active partners in their health journey.


Experience the difference today and discover how our pharmacist-led, patient-focused care can transform your well-being and unlock your full health potential.

Building A Thriving Patient-Centered Practice is as easy as:


Strategizing Your Success

We use a 3 phase strategy to help you lay the foundation for a successful health and wellness pharmacy practice that utilizes nutrigenomics.  


Embracing Innovation

We guide you through what you need to know about nutrigenomics, business, marketing and sales so you are well equipped to elevate healthcare and transform your patient's lives.

It's a one stop shop! No certifications needed!  


Let's Get to It!

We are your business consultants and guides. Our goal is to help you gain the confidence to take your career to the next level and enjoy what you do!   Book a discovery call  today!

Work With Us

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The Catalyst

The Blueprint

On-Demand Program

Ready to energize your practice? Our one-on-one service provides you with a turnkey health coaching program, designed to smoothly integrate patient-centric services right into the heart of your pharmacy. The outcome? It's all about elevating those patient experiences, sparking profound life-changing moments, and awakening the warrior within your business!

Step aboard our Cohort for weekly insights to conquer your goals. Hands-on learning in business, sales, nutrigenomics, and health coaching to amplify your practice, boost patient outcomes, and reignite your passion. All within our empowered community. Let's ignite your greatness! 

Embrace our On-Demand Program, tailored for pharmacists who flourish at their own pace. With lifetime access, immerse in knowledge transformation when you wish. Start your journey today!

Why Nutrigenomics?

Nutrigenomics is the study of how individual genetic variations affect a person's response to nutrients and impact overall health.


By incorporating nutrigenomics into your pharmacy practice, you can:

  • Deliver personalized health and wellness solutions to your patients

  • Reduce medication reliance and improve patient outcomes

  • Stand out in the competitive pharmacy landscape by offering cutting-edge services

Meet Tamar Lawful, PharmD

Dr. Tamar Lawful, a Doctor of Pharmacy and licensed Advanced Practice Pharmacist, and podcast host is certified in Pharmacogenomics, Nutritional Genomics, and Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching.


As the CEO & Founder of LYFE Balance, she developed the InHer Glow health and wellness program for women with metabolic syndrome and created Raise The Script to train healthcare professionals in innovative patient care.


Driven by her passion for nutrition, genomics, and pharmacy, she aims to reduce medication dependency and promote health and self-love in women.  (read more)

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Founder and CEO of LYFE Balance, Inc., Tamar Lawful, PharmD, AP, CNGS

Dr. Tamar K. Lawful

Doctor of Pharmacy

Certified Nutrition & Genomics Specialist


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